The train of life chugs on uninterrupted irrespective of what happens, the sunshine,the blizzard , the pain ,agony ,ecstasy or joy.—This train of life does not stop….. chuuk chuuk chuuk chuuk …on and on it moves over terrain , valleys, plains ,deserts,boulders, dropping off the passengers at odd stations never to return.

The train of life in a period of nine months, dropped off my two brothers never to return.

My weeping wailing did not matter . The souls got wafted leaving behind trail of memories to cherish.

I vividly remember myself a young toddler tugging on to my elder brother’s hand following him into the crowded bazaar of Habba kadal Srinagar my hometown in Kashmir.

Here he would buy vegetables.eggs,and other goods for the day as per the list jotted down by mother

The Bazaar was always crowded,the vendors displaying goods on both sides of the road making available everything from Pin to Car toys literally.


As I grew up to school level I didnot stop the practice of going with him to this market .

These memories torment me now,welling up tears in my eyes and rolling down cheeks to know that he would not return.


We live to die my father told this simple truth of life in reply to my anger on seeing leaves dropping off from the trees in Fall season.


“you need not be sad my boy to see leaves falling down from the trees .There are more sorrows in life to bear ,forget and move ahead.

Man’s greatest tragedy is to see his own destruction. Falling leaves is nothing in comparison.”my father said in a philosophical tone.

I woke up to a new dawn after learning this great truth of life .

We are born to play our role effectively to help this Nature to grow and nurture for the good of humanity. The earlier we understand this gospel the better it should be .

Births and deaths will be there till this cosmo exists. One needs to assimilate and embrace life to its logic end .


The religions lead us to follow the road to final destination —‘Salvation’ meaning Oneness with God.


On Religion Swami vivekanand  The great Hindu Monk of India ,said “it is being and becoming ,not hearing or acknowledging;it is whole soul becoming changed into what it believes.”

According to Swami vivekanadji “religion is idea which is raising the brute into man,and man unto God”

While defining all religions are based on Truth in his lecture in Parliament of world religion on 15th September 1893 he related a story of frog who lived in a well for a long time.The frog always thought his well is bigger than anything in the world.

Swami Vivekanada concluded his story “ Iam a Hindu I am sitting in my own little well thinking that whole world is my little well.

The Christian sits in his little well and thinks the whole world is his well. The Mohammedian sits in his well and thinks that is the whole world”

He advocated that all religions are truthful and we must tolerate and respect other religions .

Chuuk  Chuuk  Chuuk Chuuk  The train of life  moves on and on …………and we Live to die






11 thoughts on “THE TRAIN OF LIFE

  1. We live to die… so true. This statement sums it up….

    Man’s greatest tragedy is to see his own destruction… and still just be a mute spectetor. ..


  2. Circle of life, I do wonder what if it was straight line would it have been better. I do wonder sometimes. Why are things the way they are? I do wonder sometimes. Touching article.


  3. Well articulated about “Train of life”. The earlier we realise this ,the better for us.
    Anything good or bad that confronts us in our life is temporary and as such our reaction to any such situation we face in life must not affect us atall. Life moves on irrespective of what we loose or gain in our journey to ultimate death.Be happy under all circumstances


  4. Chiranjeevi Hanuman missed Chuk Chuk… He I feel is the most cursed being , poor man can’t even come out and see his Bhakts and so called fraud swamies around … Still hiding to show himself up. Coming back each memories with ur dear one always make that small eyedrops twinkling down . Papa we all live to die… But thinking death should only create more sadness. Live the life as Chuk Chuk are being replaced by fast and super fast trains …..


  5. The short story is well conceived. The religion/faith must be a personal affair otherwise it will drag us to unnecessary arguments. e g if all religions lead us to same goal then why this hula gula.


  6. Hi Mr. Brij, it has always been a treat reading your blog. Your articles has a charisma to bring all the emotions out of the system ….Some makes me cry, some guffaw, some makes me wonder…..Etc……I love writing too…..It has indeed been a delight reading your work…..And I wish to tell you Sir, u have a very big fan now….😁that”s me!!!


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