After trudging along for seventy years it is imperative to share my experience to help and better lives of teeming millions to the journey of happiness.


Every body looks for happiness, good living and abundance of money.

For different people the happiness is measured in different degrees, say in terms of money, popularity ,romance, no marriage, marriage with family, and so on and so forth . The list is long and the desires of individuals unending.


One needs to remain happy at all stages, bad times ,good times and in normal times.

If you learn this arithmetics of composure and enjoyment ,you are at the pinnacle of your bliss.  For instance I get tremendous happiness in offering help to the needy.

It makes me so enlightened and gives me a feeling of oneness with the God.

we have come into this world to do some good deed and there is no more satisfaction than believing and actually practising the art of rendering help to the people at large. Do it once and enjoy the fragrance yourself.


Life is definitely useful if one realises it . Life can be utilised in doing good for the community country, world .Thus making the oppressed class to rise to withstand the poverty and disease.

It needs fortitude to stand up to reality and get all others to understand the meaning of living a meaningful life. A matter of courage conviction to fight against misery ,oppression and promise a better tomorrow for all .


Setting Goals

It is necessary to set goals for ones life .You need not put a number of goals. Only a few say two or three.

Too many goals lead you nowhere. Only one goal at a time.

Otherwise you land yourself in confusion.

Setting Plan

You need to have a definite plan or plans to get to the goal or goals set by you.The plan should be time bound .

The plans need to be fragmented into days,,months and finally year or years as the case may be.


For instance if you want to study further ,you must plan for Say one year or two years as the case may be. No plan gets successful without time factor.

Once you start by set goals and plans the situations become easier and you get control of the hand.


Cost Factor.


Whatever you do it should be measured in cost terms. How much cost is involved ,should this plan make me financially sound to forge ahead with gains monetarily or otherwise?.

Doing anything without cost implication leaves you in great mess.

I have personally tried to follow a definite pattern for last 45 years of my work ,on the basis of goals , plans, and achieved considerable success in discharging my duties and thus leading to a comfortable life .


It made my thinking clear and built up a great source of relationship to a meaningful level beneficial to my company as well.


I always moved ahead financially getting richer after assessing cost derivatives for actions taken.


These simple changes make you a near complete man and you forge ahead with positive attitude.


I learnt proper planning and its execution in time leading to better results and hence I eventually moved ahead in my positions in company faster than many .


I accepted challenges tougher ones and this enabled me to take decisions faster and many of them were result oriented ,giving enough profits at the end both to me and company as well.






  1. Sir you are truly an epitome of success and happiness. Each word said in the blog reverbeartes in the minds for long. Keep showering your experiences to enlighten us.


  2. Happiness definitely has different meaning for different people. But I personally feel it is a relative term.
    We need to prioritise our wishes.
    It is a thought provoking write up.

    Liked by 1 person

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