Kashmir is back to square one —the Terrorist attacks , Encounters,Protests, Firings,and finally the Curfew.The vested interests are not in favour of peace and ,tranquility of the people at large. The phenomenon is reminiscent of 1989/90 when Pakistan terrorists   struck on a broader spectrum aided and abetted by the enemies within the valley in ethenic cleaning of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley killing over a thousand pandits in the process. Thus leaving the bruised hurt community to fend for themselves.

Encouraged by the virtual success of the events ,the Pakistan Militants and their allies in the valley resorted to keep Kashmir on the boiling point on any opportune time as one of Burhan Wani’s killing in the encounter On 8th july2016.

The killing of Militant commander of Burhan wani triggered the epicenter of violent form of defying curfew, pelting stones and virulent violent attacks on the security forces, apart from setting ablaze the police camps .resulting in killing of 42 people ,and injuring over a thousand others including the police men .

Pakistan understood the futility of wars in wake of crushing defeats in 1965 and moresover in 1971 when Bangladesh was liberated. Thus adopted strategy of militancy to foment trouble in the valley.

The India’s  home Minister Shri Raj nath singh has rightly slammed Pakistan for aiding and abetting terrorism in the valley in his  Lok Sabha Address.


Under the circumtances India needs pragmatic approach to deal with the situation . In no case India should fall in the trap laid by Pakistan.


Kashmir needs passionate kisses and warm hugs rather than bullets . We cannot alienate our people anymore now.  Kashmir needs special attention.

we need to nurture the Kashmiri youth with broader vision, benevolence ,genuine concern and engage them in jobs to wean them away from Pakistan’s sinister agenda..

The youth needs to be offered jobs in Indian corporates in large numbers so that they start assimilating and integrating in the National mainstream.

The Govt ,both state and Centre should adopt measures for the development of the state that benefits people at large.

The  leaders  at the National level need to work in close proximity of people in kashmir and try to address to the problems faced by them irrespective of party affliations.

This would help the state Govt a lot in mitigating the problems at hand.

More and More National institutes should be opened so that Kashmiri youth gets access to best education.

Some  Major Industries to be opened to absorb unemployed youth.

All political Parties need to speak in one voice to bolster the morale and spirits of people of Kashmir .

These steps if followed honestly  could foil the sinister designs of Pakistan and its open and tacit allies in the valley.


My contention is simple if Mahatma Gandhi and leaders like Nehru, Sardar Patel Maulana Azad, and host of leaders could free India by non- violence, why should not we win over people of Kashmir with compassion and love.

It may take time but with concerted efforts and commitment of purpose,the success should not be far away. It is matter of Time.








  1. Very well described the situation in Kashmir. …

    Need of the hour is to guide the youth of valley in right direction and providing them with good job opportunities. …

    India was divided once in 1947… it won’t happen again. … Kashmir was, kashmir is and will always be integral part of India. …


  2. sir, with humble submission Kashmir needs political solution not economic. When Afzal Guru was hanged no doubt there were protests but the situation was well under control. So the Indian people including KPs should think out of box solution to this problem.


    1. Thanks for your kind comment.Political solution is already done and we need not to play into hands of separators and india hate mongers.Thus Economic solution in sincere manner is priority.


  3. If It is not too late, it is really very difficult to change the psyche of Kashmiris, who have been brainwashed by Pakistan to hate India and fight for an Islamic state.


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