Road Rage has become a common phenomenon in India and across the world.

Such incidents are taking place frequently in almost all cities of the world.and reported widely in the newspapers .

A close look at Road Rage incidents in our Capital New Delhi should send shivers through your spine and make you to sit up.

The screaming headlines are nerve wrecking.

Have a look at some headlines .of Indian Newspapers.highlighting the Road Rage cases in Delhi ,Mumbai,

 22-year-old shot at after fight over parking” … “The driver of Delhi Public School, Rohini, carrying 40 school students, suffered from severe head injuries, when he was hit by two men in an Alto car, for not giving them passage” … “G D Goenka School’s bus driver was hit by a hammer by a man in a Scorpio for not giving way.” … “5 youths in a Verna car attacked three pedestrians and killed one of them not giving way to their car” … “A police constable was dragged for more than 100 metres and was killed by being crushed under the wheels of a car that was being stopped for crossing red light.”

In a horrifying incident of road rage in Mumbai, a biker was left with gashes on his face when two guys and a girl attacked him with a paper cutter on Tuesday evening …

It was only last month when three men on a bike tailed a 40-year-old doctor’s car. The Times of India reports, “

The horrific episode played out between 10am and 10.30am on the packed stretch between the Andheri flyover and Santacruz when the Goregaon resident was on way to her Worli workplace. What’s worse, none of the motorists dared to intervene.”

The men made lewd gestures and even broke her car’s rear windsheild.

A similar incident happened when the IT professional and his wife were in their car on Military Road, Marol. 

Three men on the bike were following the car and kicking at it. Ibnlive had reported, “When he stopped the car, the bike-borne assailants allegedly punched him through the lowered car window and even tried pulling him out of the car. All the while, the professional’s pregnant wife was inside the car and screaming for help.”

They were finally rescued by passersby.

A look at international scene;

 A 4-year-old girl was shot in the head and killed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Tuesday afternoon in an apparent road-rage incident, PEOPLE confirms.

 ERDIGRIS, Oklahoma –

A road rage incident in Rogers County sent one man to the hospital after being shot in the face. Police said the Claremore 18-year-old victim was released from the hospital Thursday evening.


  • A German Shepherd dog named Noah gave his life for an Atlanta family by throwing himself in the line of fire when a gunman shot up their car
  • Witnesses say after bout of road-rage, the gunman followed the family’s car into a strip mall and opened fire
  • The fatally injured dog ran behind a building after the shooting, laid down, and died 
  • Gunman still on the loose and police have appealed to the public to help catch him 


UK retains Road Rage title


The UK is still the Road Rage capital of the world, according to latest figures. As quoted by Gallup poll statistics. Nine out of 10 UK drivers confessed that they

had been victims of Road Rage once or twice .

Most of those who admitted committing Road Rage they said that they felt “Fine “ about it and adding that “victims deserved it”

Very few showed remorse and admitted that it was done in fit of rage. Road rage seems to be linked to congestion and stress, as most incidents occur in the busier towns and cities.

Drivers should not respond aggressively to irritation on the roads. It may be tough on the streets but that’s no excuse for raging against other drivers.

These incidents are not restricted to Delhi or Mumbay only but equally heartburning incidents do occur in most of the world cities .

The Reasons could be attributed to various factors the principal being as follow;


Social Pressures.


The social pressures or the context therein clearly do play a role in determining individual behaviour.

Whether conceptualized as a pressure or processed by an individual actions society does feel impact on the behavioural pattern.

For instance a negative society develops aggressive behavioual patterns and the positive one  sombre ones helpful to building the character of the society.


Road rage eventually is product of such Behavioural Patterns of aggressive driving leading to “ intermittent disorder” .

Various situations govern the patterns like annoying , or ego of superiority , violence .

All these need to be dealt with gravity of situations.


Possible Remedies.


The need to Focus not on individual behaviour but on social practice.

Face to face advice ,counselling could be important factor in curbing behavioural outrages.

The social ,official interactions become critical in promoting good behavioural outcomes.

The Govt authorities ,police, the law, could be more helpful in controlling Road Rages like resorting to strict action against erring drivers, controlling speeds, and resort to intense Petrolling for enforcing Penalities.

The driving schools could be a great help in educating the aspiring drivers to maintain right behavioural practices while driving on roads.

It is necessary to help all related persons in reducing Road Rage happenings on day to day basis..










15 thoughts on “ROAD RAGE IN INDIA

  1. surprised to read how people get so violent on roads for trivial issues .your article gives a true insight on the road rage which is on the rise nowadays.


  2. Road rage will decrease once we have more police force to prevent to prevent reckless driving. I see traffic policemen more interested in collecting challans or noting down numbers of cars rather than preventing road rage.


  3. Your article is apt and one can visualise that road rage is not confined to any specific gender, country. It can be said that the conscience of an individual is gripped by a sense of establishing supremacy. No law can control it.


      1. Road sense, driving sense, cleanliness and sincerity in our character should be taught to our children on priority basis.


  4. This issue is always upper most on my mind.The moment I drive through a street, it is a disgusting experience, when I see see almost all kinds of people irrespective of age or sex trying to overtake. Our education should start with teaching cleanliness, road sense and sincerity in our charachter on a priority basis.


  5. Good Article. Fully agree regarding teaching morels and values to our next generation so that world becomes better for them.


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