Terrorism across the globe is a matter of grave concern.

The world Nations have finally understood that it needs to be fought collectively rather than go alone about it .Initially when India reported terrorism on its soil way back in 1989 sponsored aided and abetted by Pakistan ,the world sneered and jeered at us and dismissed our pleas as local internal law and order problem and suppression of separatist movement in Jammu and Kashmir.It resulted in mass movement of Kashmiri Pandits out of valley.

The attacks continued unabated throughout country claiming huge lives.

There was terrorist attack on parliament in New Delhi on 13thDec 2001, 45 minute gun battle claimed lives of 09 policeman and staff. The world leaders first time realized the reality of the threat of Terrorism and stood by India by condemning the same.

It was followed by one more in July 2006 killing 60 persons instantly.

The most deadly attack on Taj hotel was in Mumbai on 26/11/2008.. The siege ended after nearly three days killing around 166 innocent people including several foreigners.

The world was shocked and truly realized the threat worldwide .

Since 9/11 bombing of Twin Towers in united states ,killing thousands of people  America got up to its feet and took up the challenge of combating terrorism with iron hand not only on its soil but worldwide.

As Terror spread over to other countries the world devised tough counterterror strategies .

A brief look at several countries including France,Nigeria, united states,Briton, could give us idea how respective countries deal with the terrorists.



Nigeria has experienced the largest increase in deaths from terrorism in 2014. There were 7,512 fatalities from terrorist attacks in 2014, an increase of over 300 per cent.Nigeria is facing terror group BOKO HARAM,which was founded twelve years ago but shot into prominence worldwide by kidnapping 200girls early this year.


United states

Since 11/9 war on Terror United States instituted a law whereby the suspects could be detained as “enemy Cmbatants” and could be detained without charge ,but could haveaccess to a lawyer.The United States is using drone strikes to fight terrorists acrossseveral countries including Pakistan ,Yemen ,Syria ,Afghanistan Iraq etc.


Great Briton

Britton had its dose of Terrorist attacks and hence compelled to make counterrorism law .Under the new law terror suspects movements are restricted,, allows police to instantly seize the passports ,travel documents .under the TerrorAct 2006 ,the authorities can detain a person for 14 days under no charge ,denying legal assistance for 48 hrs of detention.

Around 3,000 persons were detained on terrorism charges between 2001 to 2012 ,out of these 37% were sentenced to 5years detention, 25% to more than 10 years,and remaining ones from 5 to 10 years.


 France had been on the terrorist list since long ,right from 1980s’ attacks to last one attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo ,in which 12 persons were killed .This was followed by siege on a kosher supermarket killing four Jews.

Following bombings in Paris last November all terrorism cases are tried by specialist prosecutors and judges in Paris.

With rise of ISIS the Republic introduced New Counter terror legislation in 2014 .

The sentences could be 10 years with 150,000euros fine ,anyone possessing weapons,explosives etc.

According to GTD (Global Terrorism Database)which is collected and collated by the National Consortium for study of Terrorism AND GTD has codified more than 1,40,000 terror incidents.

In 20014 the total number of deaths as a matter of terror attacks increased by 80%when compared to prior year.The deaths increasing from 3,329 in 2000 to 32,685 in 2014.

The Terrorism acts remaining more concentrated in just five countries

Nigeria, Pakistan ,Afghanistan,Syria, IRAQ.These countries bearing the brunt of losing 78% of lives lst in 2014.

The new countries with over 500 deaths on average are Somali, Ukraine,Yemen,

Central African Republic ,Sudan and Cameroon.

Last year the terrorist attacks were also in OECD countries   such as Austria,Australia,France,Belgium ,Canada,.


Nigeria had maximum deaths from terrorist attacks ,7,568 .and deadliest ones.

One more interesting thing is majority of terrorist deaths donot occur in West.

Apart from 9/11 incident only 0.5%deaths have been reported from The west in last 15 years including United states, Canada, and European ones. Out of these 70% account for lone wolf attacks.


Economic Cost .


The economic cost of terrorism increasedby 61 percent in 2014.The cost reached to highest ever in 2014 at US$ 52.9 billion.this is tenfold since 2000.


The cost of containing terrorism globally are expected to be around US$ 117 billion.

The current situation demands concerted efforts to fight this menace and bizzare problem together by the world countries rather than going singularly .

Also Efforts for peace negotiations could be one of the sought options rather than using violence against violence.


8 thoughts on “TERRORISM

  1. Terrorism has assumed a great threat to the world and a detailed look at the events is being tried to put emphasis on its remedial steps to save killings of innocent people


  2. Very true… Terrorism across the globe is a matter of grave concern… and slowly every one is realising it is globel and no one will remain unhurt…


  3. Excellent collaboration of facts and statistics. Mr Kaul your blog has a reflection of alluring journalism.


  4. The statistics and events of terrorism have been aptly highlighted. This world has become dangerous to live…..but then every dark cloud has a silver lining. So let’s be hopeful of a peaceful world in future.


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