In India Rape is unfortunately   a common scenario—a brutal killing followed by insipid response from the Authorities.


The gang rape of 23year old Nirbhaya on 16th Dec 2012,on a moving bus in Delhi ,reported and highlighted adequately by media put the perennial problem to the forefront The massive protests followed by forced law Authorities to amend laws making  more stringent to curb the menace .

Recently massive protest on the streets of Kochi in Southern Indian state of Kerala, against latest accused of assaulting and disemboweling of 30 year woman on 28th April 2016 has once again put Authorities on toes to curb the menace effectively.

Rape is the fourth common crime against women in India.

Despite the stringent anti Rape measures taken by the Govts both at centre and states, the rapes do occur ,sometimes in gruesome manner,some victims in the recent past were found hanging from trees.

Although Rape is a serious problem the world over ,why it seems so much worse in India.

In 2013 report of national crime bureau 24,923 cases of rape were reported across India

Out of these 24,470were committed by known persons to the victims.

Let us try to understand the possible reasons thereof.

India has high conviction rate for rapes. It is 24.2% as reported in 2012.Whereas in rest of world according to the Guardian ,UK has 7% reported rapes in 2011-12, In Sweden the conviction rate is 10%, in France 25%in2006 and so and so forth.

With impressive growth rates over the years more Indian women being educated going for jobs thus more emboldened to confront sexual predators and report such abusive cases to the police.

Due to poverty and other social factors , the low number of private toilets are directly responsible to the high rate of rapes in india.

The Govt, NGOS have started educating the people of necessity to private loos .The Govt has announced financial schemes for sponsoring to construction of Toilets in each and every house in villages. If implemented with full fervor , could result in long way to do away with the habit of defecating in the open.

With the efforts from the good social activists ,police ,lawyers and bold victims and their families the conviction rate of rape should go down.


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