Most of us  do not value time.we know it is scarce available not as infinite.

Since life is short and we will have to die one  moment of the day hence  imperative to understands its value .

Most of us do not want to think that way and thus squander every bit of it without whine or whimper.

When childhood slips into Teenage and subsequently into manhood we ponder over the golden moments gone with the passage of time. Here perhaps we understand the value of time gone

Some one has aptly said catch time by forelock.

It reminds me  RALPH HODGESON ‘S poem on Time.

” Time you old gypsy man

will you not stay ,put up

your Caravan just for one day

All things I will give you

Will you be my guest…….”

As  time waits for none one need to make most of it and not allow it slip through your fingers.

It is  a must for everyone of us to draw up a time bound schedule of goals suitable to our productivity of activities and stick to that.

This system gives confidence to do things in time .

At times it looks ridiculous but the fact remains those utilising time judiciously ultimately

win the coveted race in life.

As  you understand the discipline of spending time wisely the dividends will fall into your lap like apples from the trees in an orchard.

It is important to draw up your own review system and analyse the performance

against a self developed checkmate.

By doing so you will ensure to do things within stipulated timings and achieve your goals of life successfully







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