From nowhere to somewhere

somewhere to nowhere

I drift alone miles and miles

among dusky deep woods

Just to live


Just to live

The evening flirting sinking beautiful


I see water forming

Ripples of crimson gold

Under the bridge of placid river.

From nowhere to somewhere

Somewhere to nowhere

Ascending the mountain cliff

breathing a whiff

o f fresh air

I amble around

Just to live


just to live.

The Sun

gone somewhat peacefully

leaving   the twilight

Anointing earth in its golden glare


Slipping in a peaceful night .

I paddle on

on and on

From nowhere to somewhere

somewhere to nowhere

Just to live


Just to live.

I drift alone as in a dream

with brightly gleam

enchanting rhymes


 Fearful trying Times

I stride along

From nowhere to somewhere

Somewhere to nowhere

Just to live


Just to live.


After twenty Indian soldiers were killed in deadly clashes between Chinese and Indian troops on the night of 15th June 2020, the tensions ran high between two countries on the Indo-China border especially in the G a l wan valley, Hot springs ,Pa n g on g T s o and Gogra in L a d a k h and in N a k u La in Sikkim.

China has moved in large number of forces on its side. India is equally matching the massive build up on its side.

In the recent past months , however , Indian and Chinese were engaged in brawls leaving dozens injured along the 2,200 mile Line of Action.


The Go v t  does not expect immediate resolution to the two month old stand off on the LAC because of the deadlock in Talks.

In Fact on Friday 26thJune 2020 the Indian Ambassador to China M r V i k r a m M i s r i said in an hard hitting interview to PTI (Press Trust of India)

“ The only way to resolve the current military stand off along LAC in Eastern Ladakh was for Beijing to realize that trying to change status quo by resorting to force or coercion ,is not the right way forward”


The Indian Ambassador explained that the action taken by the Chinese forces on the ground have damaged “considerable trust” between the two Countries. M r  M i s r i explained further and said “ The resolution of this issue is quite straightforward from our perspective .The Chinese side needs to stop creating obstruction and hindrances in the normal patrolling patterns of the Indian troops .”


Rubbishing the China’s claim of sovereignty over Galwan Valley in Ladakh as “completely untenable” and vehemently emphasized that such claims would not help the situation as such.

The Indian ambassador to China M r V i k ram Misri made it amply clear that India is “very aware and very clear about the alignment of the LAC in the Galwan Valley”. He said in continuation to his statement “ our troops have been patrolling up to these areas without any difficulty for a very v e r y long period of time”.

M r M i s r i’s comments and statements came a day after in light of the External Ministry statement that China has been a large contingent of troops and armaments along the LAC in eastern Ladakh since May 2020.


Meanwhile a spate of multiple talks making rounds at the both levels of military and diplomatic ones, the diplomatic talks at Beijing and Military talks in  Ladakh.

A meeting at Corps level on June 6 and June 22 were also held respectively.

The Indian delegation during these crucial meetings has rightly stuck to the core stand of restoration of status quo ante as of April 2020.

Betrayal Mood.

China is in a bitter betrayal mood again after stinging India severely by exploding into a full

fledged war in 1962, thus betraying the trust built up with dedication and sincerity by J a w a h a r La l Nehru , throwing to the winds the Sino- Indian Agreement of 1954 emboldened on the Five principles of peaceful Co-existence ,embodied in the preamble, proclaiming Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai (Indians and Chinese are brothers).

China launched a massive attack on October 19 1962, against Indian forces in the Northeast and Ladakh.

T.N. Kaul,,Foreign secretary to G o v t of India in the times of action, , A diplomat of excellence, in his book ‘ A DIPLOMAT’S DIARY’ writes

“ w e were ill- prepared to fight a war in Northeast. we did not expect the Chinese to go back on their acceptance of McMahon Line as the de facto border.

We did not have adequate troops there and those hastily sent were ill-equipped poorly clad for the winter in that difficult and inhospitable terrain.

we  had concentrated our forces mainly in Ladakh , where the Chinese had been nibbling at our territory since 1956. our troops in Ladakh who were better equipped and acclimatized, were able to withstand the Chinese assault.  

The Chinese withdrew to North of M c Mohan Line , but kept Line of Actual Line (LAC) in Ladakh.”

Actually Chinese   wanted to humiliate India for the warm welcome and asylum accorded to the Dalai Lama.

Nehru ‘s dream of Indo-China friendship was shattered but he did not relinquish the Independent Policy of Non Alignment.

In fact  he  p e r s u e d it with more zeal and v i g o u r .

Being a democrat true to his words he kept the Indian Parliament and the People of India in the know of facts and did not bow to the dragon’s hegemony at any cost.

Now China again is showing its dirty teeth and is in belligerent and bellicose mood to inflict both military and economic damages on India.

But India is militarily much stronger now than in 1962 and war between two countries will be fought on equal footing this time and hence  China  would not venture for a full fledged war.

 China  knows well  will get a befitting reply from our brave forces.

Hence it is  inconceivable to believe either China or India would venture to aggravate the dispute into a war.

 Our Prime Minister M r N a r e n d er M o d i , a leader of substance , has rightly taken the steps to reduce India’s reliance on China imports. Although it won’t be easy and tenable in the current situation .

The economic relations between India and China are lopsided.

China being largest source of imports for India at the moment and to replace the same India needs to strategize to find   adequate alternatives systematically without inflicting losses on the Indian companies to avoid collapse of trade and investments.Such decisions need to be taken in cool composite manner and not in the heat of emotions and passions.

Meanwhile the situation at the disputed border looks grim as the stand off seems longer one because China is engaged in build up and India is also reinforcing its buildup accordingly, leaving little room for meaningful talks to discuss disengagement at Military levels at the moment.


The Prime M r M o d i had rightly befriended the counterpart M r XI to augment better relations between the two great n e i g h b o u rs  over the years,   but China had always different agendas mostly with sinister and ugly intentions and  belied our trust once again.

President Xi J i n p i n g enjoyed the on and off picturesque picnic summits both in G u j r a t,s w in g i n g a J h o o l a , or in M a h a b a l I p u r a m in Chennai , but kept troubling India with more incursions whether it was Dokhlama  or Gawalan valley now.

M r Mo d i  being an unchallenging leader must stand above these hollow friendly gimmicks and face the Dragon with alacrity Militarily and also with Diplomatic ingenuity.

The Prime Minister ,unlike China, has an obligation to be transparent and thus must keep the Nation fully informed in this trying hour.

The nation stands united like a rock behind the Government and the Armed forces.

Long live India.














I long for my love


My  love is never old

Buffeted   bruised   berated

by  the storm of destiny

I long for my love

to soothe me give me solace

The warmth of her bosom

surreptitiously cuddling caressing

agony of my lonely wounds


My love is never old.

Winged by the yearning of possession


overcome hurtling hurdles

Surpass the roaring seas

Scale the mountains kissing skies

finishing off my pilgrimage to

long awaited destination

of my desire.

I long for my love


my love is never old.

I slouch in her sensuous lap

fondled by her pretty hands

nursed tenderly lovingly into

Pastures of Pleasure Promise


intimacy to its final ecstasy.

Broad Sunshine   cures arouses

wish to fathom the beauties

o f  long lost youthful life.

For a moment I drift in

realms of fantasies

The mellifluous tones

l u re me to the spring


Romance .and relationship

I long for my love


My love is never old.







Always war is there

fought with grit v a l o u r

And   Soldiers die

without whimper or cry

   Always war is there

Nation sheds tears

for the young brave hearts

Amidst the pall of gloom

on losing loving dears

the grief family bears

Irreparable   u n p a r a l led

Always war is there

The guns zoom boom

war is fought from the stream

of G w a l a n.

Soldiers grapple wrestle

fall off the mountain precipice

not one two but twenty

deep down ravines.

Die unknown, unheard

Always war is there

Soldier reconnoitering   dangerous

Enemy  for a victorious assault

facing the blizzards of bullets

torpedo the nefarious attack

fearlessly ferociously.

settling  the scores

Always war is there

father mother young

wife with exuberance of

youth .

waiting for loved one missing


warm hugging sweet kissing.

Always war is there.











Mark A  Milley   chairman of   Joint chiefs of Staff UsA


Americans have shown solidarity first time to fight against an act of outrage of injustice   inflicted by its police force in strangulating, pinning down unarmed black American George Floyd to death in the City of Minneapolis.

His last heart rendering cry “ I cannot breathe”

unheeded by the burly white Policeman ,

Derek C h a v i n triggered country wide protests and eventually Americans are on warpath to seek drastic changes to policing in the cities of America.

The outburst is unprecedented in the history of this great nation against the police brutalities.

“Defund the police” has become the rallying point across America.

In this context nine members of the Minneapolis City Council , the veto –proof –majority pledged on 7th June 2020 ,to dismantle the City’s Police department promising thereby a new system of public safety for the city devoid of any racism.

The N.YORK Mayor De B l a s i o pledged he would divert the city funds from Police department to youth and social services.

The Mayor of New York said in the city speech ;

‘‘Our young people don’t need to be policed. They need to be reached.

And that is the spirit of the reforms we’re going to talk about today and beyond. We will be moving funding from the N.Y.P.D. to youth initiatives and social services. The details will be worked out in the budget process in the weeks ahead. But I want people to understand that we are committed to shifting resources to ensure that the focus is on our young people. And I also will affirm, while doing that we will only do it in a way that we are certain continues to ensure that this city will be safe.’’

The President Trump’s threat to send military into the states to quell the protesters over the death of black man prompted dissent from the former military leaders.

The three former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs vehemently condemned Mr Trump for sending troops to deal with domestic protests, warning thereby that military would risk losing its credibility.

Retired Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, once top military advisor to both The President Bush as well as Barack Obama told Fox News on Sunday, 7th June2020 “ we have military to fight enemies ,not our own people”.

Mr Mullen further said   “In very short order, should we get into conflict in our own streets, there’s a very significant chance we could lose that trust that it’s taken us 50-plus years to restore,”

General Mark A Milley , the chairman of Joint Chiefs of staff USA, said “ I should not have been there” in the photo – op walk of President Trump across Lafayette Square ,where authorities used tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters.

General M i l l e y, giving vent to his anger on killing of George Floyd , said “ the senseless brutal killing of George Floyd.” and opposed v e h e m e n t a l l y to Trump’s suggestion of deploying Troops nationwide to quell the peaceful protesters.

Interestingly Democratic law makers playing safe by calling for accountability thus shying away from the countrywide demand to ‘defund the Police’.

Democrats in Congress are working on some hard legislation that could make it compulsory to prosecute police misconduct and violated civil rights rather than subscribe to the demand “defund the police”.

The bill envisages to create a national registry to track police misconduct and would ban certain tactics of police officers used frequently to punish black Americans fatally.

President Trump is finally addressing Police reforms today publicly while meeting the leaders of law enforcement and African American leaders today 11th June 2020 in Dallas.

Trump is expected formally to unveil the package

of proposals on police reforms including banning chokeholds to reassure the Americans for full justice. The president has already spoken  and   denounced

publicly the c i r c u m t a n c e s that led to   the death of Floyd but he did not say

anything on Tuesday when Floyd was laid to rest

in Houston.

His democratic rival Joe Biden offered condolences to the Floyd’s family .

President Trump’s announcement to hold a

rally on 19th June 2020 in Tulsa, O k l a h o m a raised

eyebrows ,99 years ago the site  being the worst

acts of racist violence.

White mobs resorted to attacking of Black residentsand resorted to burning of Black businesses.

The day 19TH June 1921commemorates the end

of slavery in United States. Ironically the racism has not abated even now.

It exists   in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killings.

The fallout has seen thousands of Americans protesting against entrenched inequalities and  seeking justice for one and all especially the lives of black.

Symbols of Past America

The protesters targeting symbols of America’s

past, toppling the statues all over .

Many statues of controversial historical eminent personalities were vandalized.

In Minnesota protestors toppled the statue of Christopher Columbus,  the statue of

Je f f e r son Davis the president of   Con f e d e r a t e States of America during Civil War (1861-1865) in Richmond ,Virginia on Wednesday night.

There were 11 States in the Confederacy. South Carolina was the first to secede on 20 December 1860, the other nine Sates joined subsequently namely M i s s i s s i p p i , Florida, Alabama ,Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia ,Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico. The Civil War started because the US Government did not recognize Southern States’ right to secede from the Union.


Democratic Lawmaker’s Move

However the Democratic Lawmakers made a scathing criticism on the move of President Trump to hold rally on 19th June 2020.

Kamala Harris tweeted “ This isn’t just a visit to white supremacist—he is throwing them a welcome home party.”


Americans are finally waking up to correct the systemic injustice of Police brutalities against black women and men.

Though the cry for “defund the police ” may not be  appropriate at the moment but the violence plagued cities need police reforming rather than dismantling it in totality.

For instance imagining NY C without Police seems in inconceivable in light of violence ridden Societies.

De B l a s i o the City Mayor does not ‘see it happening for generations.’

“You’re going to have police in New York City because it is needed for safety,” the mayor said, “but that doesn’t mean you can’t change policing.”

The protests all along America has triggered up the consciousness of the Nation to do away with Police brutalities and thus bring justice to all sections of the society.

The protestors in large numbers throng the nook and corner of the country decrying police high handedness and systemic racism. Let us wait and watch to see   whether this movement has enough momentum to bring the hoped –for changes.

























The Sunday dawn was dusky as the dark clouds were hovering over the sky and the Sun was gleaming its flickering beams occasionally rather very rarely, promising a tawny day.

After having a hurried breakfast — a cup of black tea, Kashmiri typical ‘Kahwa’ with hot thick bakery breads, I walked to the main gate my residence for a stroll down the main street of our huge posh colony, Karan-Nagar.

“Hey where are you going” my mother shouted from behind.

“ just coming in a jiffy. Have to see Ratan .” I replied back without thinking.

“ Ratan; who is he?”

“my new class mate  Mumma” I replied half heartedly.

“where does he live ?. Next time bring him here”.

“ You have to study now the college course is tough. Do not waste time.” Mother retorted angrily.

“Mummy do not get panicky I am just coming back.”

I hugged my mother reassuring her that I would not roam about long.

“ wait, please do me a f a v our “ S u s h e e la my elder cousin came running after me .

“kindly give this book to S a r l a my friend. It won’t take you much time .” she pleaded.

“Sa r la D h a r ,you mean “ I confirmed.

“Yes Y e s “ my sister S u s h i la said emphatically.

“Am I looking ok?” I asked having cursory glance at my dress.

“oh my brother you are looking awesome”.

“May be I am lucky to see U r v e s hi there. K a n war my cousin, more friend than  a brother , was telling me that U r v e s h i, the fourth youngest sister of S a r la was exceedingly beautiful. I smiled to myself and pushed out on a small but important errand.

Being teenager at the threshold of sixteen years I was eager to do such errands for thrill and pleasure.

S a r l a‘s house was quite away from our house just three lanes across the C h i n a r park,   four huge C h i n a r trees encircled with barbed wire in the middle of the main street.

I strode across the broad road of K a r a n-n a g a r ,fully Ma c a d a m is e d ones, and walked briskly to reach  S a r l a’s house. in about ten minutes.

The red and white three S to r e y Bungalow was done with a decorative plaster looking shining to the eyes.

The main gate was locked but the side gate was open.

I rang the bell and the door was instantly opened by a plump lady wearing a cotton sari.“ Miss S a rl a “ I did not wait for her to question me.

“ I have to see her “ I continued.

“ come inside” she said .

The tarred pathway led to the front of the building and she moved to the right into the big drawing room   with carved wooden ceiling , a big chandelier hanging from the middle lit by co l o u red bulbs . Some large Countryside paintings hung on the either side of walls .

Large sofas were placed along the walls with large  K a s hmiri silk carpets in the middle.

I was directed to get seated in a wooden chair adjacent to the long sofa.

There was no sign of S a r l a for nearly fifteen minutes.

I got restless but soon  S a r la entered “ sorry for the delay young boy.” S a r l a said apologetically.

she was accompanied with a pretty young girl ,

” she is Ur v e s hi ,my younger sister” S arla continued.

“Hello ” I said meekly .

“This the book for you given by my sister S ushila.“ I said handing over the book.

I got up and started to leave  but S a r la held my arm softly and said smiling “ sit down we will have tea together. U r v e s hi take care of this young man. I will ask S h o b a to bring tea.”

S a r l a came immediately with a Tea kettle and some cups. she was followed by the maid with a basket of boiled eggs and cutlery she placed all the things on the center table. I pulled my chair to the edge of the table and was still undecided what to eat or not  .

U r v e s hi shouted at me “ hey Mr start taking tea . By the way what is your name ?”

“Me Briju “ I said politely.

“ Briju ; oh I do not like this name . You are R a j u for me.” she said confidently

S a r la intervened in between and said angrily to U r v e s h i

” what is this? his name is B r I j u and why are you changing it to Ra j u “

U r v e s hi furrowed her forehead in disapproval .

Meanwhile I peeled off a couple of eggs and sprinkled a bit of salt and ate these in mouthfuls .

“ A r e y   Raju eat comfortably ,why are you stuffing the eggs in hurry, eat slowly ,”

U r v e s h i spoke loudly to me.

I did not answer but continued to finish my breakfast.

I got up and   was about to take leave of  them but s a r l a stopped me by saying

“ wait B r i j u I have a request ,U r v e s h i is reading in 10th and needs some coaching in Physiology. I want you kindly guide her. she will tell you when and where “

“ Me ?” I said surprised

“Yes Yes “I mean you only.

I did not argue anyway and walked down the gravel  path to the main gate.

Both sisters saw me off and Ur v e s h i waved with a smile and said loudly “ I will meet you in a couple of days and we will plan accordingly”

I walked down the road in a joyful mood , feeling at the top of Universe having talked to Ur v e s h i the beauty queen of Kashmir.

Back at home ‘s  Gate K a n w a r l al , my cousin ,my classmate in School, and my friend a tall lanky boy was standing in the middle of the Gate watching and admiring the  Nature’s  marvels, unmindful of anything around him.

“Hello B r i j u where were you in the early morning?” K a n w a r l a l said in his flamboyant style with a m is c h e v i o u s tone.

“S u s h i l a asked me to hand over her course book to S a r l a” I replied briefly.

“Did you see the pretty U r v i s h i?” He enquired anxiously.

“ Yes I did. In fact S a r l a wants me to   teach

Physiology to her”   I clarified.

“ that is very good. You are lucky chap. U r v e s h i  is the most beautiful girl of Kashmir.”

K a n w a r l a l said with a chuckle.

“I am afraid if I can teach her. “ I replied with some concern.

“ Why not my brother? You know the subject.

And teaching is in our genes as our parents are all teachers.”

“ But I need your help.” I said a bit nervy.

“ look I can arrange the human bones skull etc. from  my friend S u b o d h,

his sister is doing M.B.B.S .You can show practical reference with theory. “

K a n w a r l a l concluded with an air of finality.

“ Hello S a r l a wants it to be done it confidentially not

e v en to tell S u s h i l a” I alerted him.

I went inside , met my M u m m a, who was busy with some guests and I slid into my room quietly.

For a week or so there was no communication from Ur v e s h i   .

Early in the morning ,probably last day of my college for the session ,to be closed for winter vacations ,I walked in my lawn and saw U r v e s h i sitting on the bench in the corner of garden in deep conversation with S u s h i l a . I walked to u r v e s hi who winked at me and I said “ Good Morning”

S u s hi l a   said “ Good morning brother. How are you. “   “ going to College sister” I answered casually.

Ur v e s h i got up saying in  chaste Kashmiri “ Bi  n a r e y   v u n  m e i  G a c h i  c h e i r

Sc h o o l k h a t e r i.”

( I will go now I will get late for the School).

U r v e s h i nudged me to wait for her outside.

I crossed over the broad foot path through intricate vehicular traffic and waited at the main gate of Char C h i n ar Park just opposite to our residence in middle of main

K aran – N a g a r road.

Four C h i n a r trees  made into a small Park with green lawns and flowers ,a center of attraction and resting place for for some on going pedestrians.

I was keeping watch on U r v e s h i so that I could wave her and she did come out of the gate and I called her out instantly .

Luckily she spotted me and walked briskly through the c r is s- cross horn blaring traffic on to my side. “Shall we sit in this park” I asked her

“oh no can we go to Regal – C h o w k sit in a restaurant and talk over a cup of tea”

she said authoritatively.

she was dressed in flowing blue dazzling K u r t a  tight blue leggings ,black hair

b u n n ed d behind into a knot. Her cheeks flushed reddish and she  looked beautiful with deep penetrating eyes.

I instantly  looked for a t o n g a , the most convenient

mode of transport available that time, the other local

buses were crowded and dirty.

I stopped one and helped U r v e s h i  first  to sit in the back seat and I sat a little away from her .

“ To Regal – C h o w k . what is the fare “ I asked.

“ Two Rupees”

“Oh no the correct fare is one and half rupees.” I said confidently.

He agreed and did not haggle for more.

He was young , handsome , well built in mid t h i r t e e s ,wearing a thin beard .

He was dressed in loose black K u r t a and white p y j a mas .

He whipped the horse lightly and the horse set off at a brisk trot down the tarred road.

He lashed the horse again but softly , shouting   in chaste  Kashmiri ‘Pakoo jaldi phanat’

( walk faster a bit ).

He touched the horse softly with the whip, the t o n g a rattled up and veered down the center of the road.

A fifteen minutes ride brought us to the Regal – C h o w k and we got down thanking the

t o n g a driver .

We sauntered around for a while in the Bazaar and walked into Lambert Lane barging into the Friend’s Restaurant .

There was no crowd as such only a few customers were folding over hot cups of tea in a


We chose a table away from the view of the counter.

We ordered for tea , a few bakery items , pineapple pastry one of these.

“ Now tell me U r v e s h i what is plan for teaching you, when and where?” I asked   without any delay.

“You will teach me and my friend M o h i n i at her place.

Mo h i n i   lives quite opposite to my house and has very good room spacious in  the upper S t o r e y . There is separate staircase. we should start now say in a day or two.”

U r v e s h i explained.

“oh I see.” I exclaimed with a surprise.

U r v e s h i  g o b b l e d down two pieces of Pine Apple pastries.

“ Very tasty” she chuckled.

“ I will start teaching you from Friday.

Today is Monday from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Done ” I said .

We parted our ways I went to college and U r v e s hi to B i s co Tyndale school , just five minutes walk down the Residency road.

I went to  my college, S.P. College, on foot not far from where I stood and met friends for a chat , a farewell Chat as the college was closing for winter break, a two month long one.

we passed time in the college cafeteria nibbling at  biscuits, ordering for hot Samosas both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian ,laughing heartily ,thus whiled away a good time.

I finally whisked away from the growing student crowd, the despairing afternoon deepened into evening I walked through the noise and clutter of streets to reach my home before dusk,

There   was unusual quietness in the house.

I saw mother sleeping in the living room a n d I too went for a quick nap.

The morning was bright as the Sun was penetrating  its rays through tall poplar trees standing in an u p r i r i g h t  position .

K a n w a r l a l told me he has arranged Human Skelton bones packed in a carton for my reference as teaching aid. He quietly brought the packet into my room and we placed it in the corner of balcony in a concealed manner.

“ When are you starting the teaching sessions.”

“ On Friday “ I answered briefly.

“Good   Luck   brother” saying so he left the room.

Friday 30th Dec 1960 , the red letter day for me,was dull and dank but the sun came out filtering through the clusters of clouds and promised a fair

afternoon, clean and crisp.

The cold breeze however was biting one.

I leafed through the old physiology book to refresh my memory up about the names of bones of upper and lower limbs in a human body.

I   wrapped the bones in old newspaper and put these in a cloth bag .

At 4.45 pm I dressed up in white shirt and black trousers.

I put on a brown tweed coat covering my shoulders compelling U r v e s h i to look at me with attention.

I somehow managed to get out on my special  assignment ,slung the cloth bag over my shoulder and walked comfortably . I took a longer road so that I do not reach before time.

M o h i n i was waiting for me at the gate and we went up the stairs to the study room.

A very big airy room sparsely furnished but

spick and span.

I asked Mo h i n i to adjust the position of center table

so that it becomes easier for me to guide you easily.

she immediately did the changes and I displayed

the human bones on the table itself.

U r v e s h i   walked in in a flowing dazzling blue dress, the black hair cascading over her shoulders, she smiled and her school girl face lit up .she looked very charming.

“Hello Raj sir” she said calmly.

“ Good evening” I replied.

“ looking awesome” I continued.

“where is M ohini? ” I asked anxiously.

M o h i n i entered the room with tea kettle.

I started with lesson on human bone structure.

“ The human skull is comprised of twenty-two

bones.” I started

“ eight Cranial bones and fourteen facial s k e l t on

bones.” I continued.

“The names of   Cranial bones are   1/ Frontal bone ( forehead)

2/ Two nos Parietal bones (either side of head)

3/ Temporal bones

4/ Occipital bone


6/ E t h m o id .

and in addition 14 bones Facial ones.” I concluded

I explained there is no need to remember the name

of bones but if you mention some names you may get

more marks. I practically zeroed upon the actual skull and showed the possible location of each bone.

I   had intense desire to impress U r v e s h i with my knowledge about the subject I was teaching.

Both M o h i n i and U r v e s h i noted down the names of the bones n their note books with interest.

“So my dear girls how do you rate me as a Teacher” I said with an air of superiority.

“ F u n t a s t i c R a j u Sir ” both cried in unison.

“ you are awesome.” U r v e s h i said again.

“ Thank you both for your compliment”

I asked U r v e s h i to keep the skull bones aside nicely for further lessons., which she did.

I called it a day and I got up combed my hair and put

on my coat on my shoulders and walked towards the door.

“Wait R a j u ; I am also coming” U r v e s h i said in a

low tone.

Saying “Good bye “ to M o h i n i we moved out.

The staircase dropped down in circular manner into

backyard lawn.

I went down   step by step followed by U r v e s h i

holding on to my elbow.

The dusk was a little dark one , Ur v e s hi hooked her

arm around my neck and kissed my cheeks.

I was surprised amused also to see her bold and

flirtatious be h a v io u r.

“ kiss B a n t a h a i — Kiss is due” she said waving to me


She crossed the road and soon was at her gate, I slouched on listlessly towards my home.

“A great day” I said to myself.

Days passed by. I was teaching   U r v e s h i now for last twenty days. I taught with intense dedication

The bone structure of human body with reference to the practical side by displaying ,explaining every bone as such ,completed other topics too in time.

Now last week or ten days were for revising the topics only.

The afternoon was cold, I was wearing a thick brown jacket with long pockets, and ready to go to teach U r v e s h i and M o h i n i   as usual.

I tried to avoid the intricate horn blaring traffic of the main road and took to quieter side lane to reach in time.

I went up the circular stairs into the room on the top.

The room was littered with papers and other k n i c k- knacks.

M o h i n i got up quickly and started cleaning up the clatter and soon it was cleaner one.

I s e a t e d myself on the   wicker chair .“where is U r v e s h i”   I asked

“ she is coming” M o h i n i replied briefly.

“ I am going downstairs to bring tea and hot Pa k oras to eat.” M o h in i said slamming the door shut behind her.

After a while the door opened ajar and entered U r v e s h i  “ hello Raj . Looking handsome .”

she nudged closer to me as much as could and her floating white dress looked elegant.

“you look beautiful .you smell like a rose .” I said

She unbuttoned my shirt buttons and slithered her soft   fingers   into my fleshy contours. I felt mildly excited. I touched her flushed cheeks.

“ kiss me” she whispered.

M o h i n i   walked in  and I got up to help her keeping tea cups and hot Pa k o r a s on the table.

I , meanwhile , asked both my loving pupils to revise the chapters already done.

U r v e s h i did have doubts about lower limb bones.

I explained her the thigh bone called in medical terms as Femur is the biggest bone in Human being. There are thirty bones in the lower limb.

Femur, Patella, Tibia , Fibula ,Tarsals bones ,Meta tarsal, and phalanges.

The thigh bone (Femur) is longest beautiful bone fitted into hip socket making the H i p joint.

I   i n a d v e r t e n t l y gave reference of Hollywood actress Raquel  Welch whose thigh legs were most ‘beautiful’ and ‘kissable’ ones.

U r v e s h i as expected got excited , pulled me by the lapel of my Jacket towards her, whispering “ My legs are also kissable. Will you have a look”

“Naughty girl” I laughed it away as a joke.

“So girls we will have a great party on Saturday here only because I know M o h i n i cannot leave her ailing mother alone.” I declared emphatically.

“ So that is settled” I continued.

“ what  is settled?” Ur v e s h i asked

“Farewell Party. Today is Wednesday and just

three days after.”

“ we thank you R a j u sir for teaching us so well”

“ Really” U r v e s h i said politely.

“ U r v e s h i you will sing and dance as well”

“ only if you R a j u sir will also sing ,dance”

“ Why not .I will definitely sing.”

Now it was dusk . I looked out  of window .

Small clouds strayed across the sky. And it started

raining, a winter rain eventually could change into

a snowfall overnight.

Let us call it a day I announced.

I Picked up my Jacket from the chair ,wore it buttoned it up to my neck and went in the

spluttered rain saying ‘Good bye’ to U r v e s h i who in return waved to me shouting

”love you R a j u”.

“Gosh,” really what did she say ?

I reminisced for a while about U r v e s h i‘s f i l i r t a t i o u s advances.

Inserting those soft fingers into my shirt and  stroking my expansive young nude

boyish  body, arising my desire to touch her cheeks.

I got engrossed in my reverie , still thinking about the priceless luster of her young

innocent face, felt charmed by her kiss rather inebriated, her mouth had tasted


I stumbled against an old man who fell down helped him to get up asking for apology

which he granted, I raced down the road to reach my home.

Early in the following morning I saw K a n w a r l a l    and my elder brother

M a k h a n in deep conversation with  guests, our n e i g h b ours

G i r d h a r i and A s h t o u s h reclining on the  bench placed under the poplar trees .

G i r d h a r i , a tall young man with w h e a t i s h complexion and A s h t o u s h of

medium build ,fair looking with ruddy cheeks seemed to be very restless concerned about their future, I heard my brother M a k h a n saying “ you must move from here and see the great country vast and diverse in culture”

G i r d h a r i   replied “ yes I want to go anywhere but move from here”.

I took K a n w a r l a l out of the group and said“hello brother I have just almost

completed my assignment only a few days left. I have to throw f a r e well party. Need some money.”

“ I have just thirty rupees only. will give you

but give me back by month end.”  K a w a r l a l

said quietly.

“Done’ I replied.

On Saturday I dressed up meticulously , wearing

black suit and polishing my shoes I met

my mother who was gossiping with her sister-in-laws

“ o h very smart” all said in one voice.

“ M u m ma I have to go for party with friends ,you

know it , give me some money.” I said as humbly a I could .

she took one note of rupees fifty from a shuffle of notes stacked in silver box.

“ come by 7pm “ she commanded.

“Yes”  I promised knowing I could get late.

I went onto the main road and the road squirmed with traffic, I made my way through the great hustle and bustle and strode off the corner to reach the  Quality Re s t u a rant . I opened the main door and went to the counter.

The gentleman behind the counter was a middle aged

with streaks of grey hair and I said

“ N a m a s k a r  sir  M r K h u d b a li”

Mr K h u d a b a li   was probably the owner of the R e stuarant.

“I need five plates of mutton kebabs duly packed”

I said politely.

“ Yes young boy sit down . I will get the same packed”

he replied.

The packet arrived nicely packed .

I made the payment and crossed the

A m i r a K a dal bridge the , oldest well maintained one.

I turned to left walked a  few yards and reached N i s h a t Sweets ,City’s best sweet cum Restaurant.

I got 12 nos of Sam o s a s and S a l t i s h ‘Dal M o n g r a ‘. plus some finest bakery items.

I   hurried back through the  maze of  traffic pattern wriggling out to find my way

through and managed to reach H a r i Singh High street,  people jostling their

ways through the bustling market ,I spotted a mini bus driver calling out for

Karan-n a g a r passengers , I boarded the bus and  it drove down the

Ne e l a m C h o w k into main K aran-Nagar square .

In two strides I reached M o h i n i ‘s residence.

The gate was opened by a young woman with dark eyebrows but a beautiful


she smiled and I ascended the circular stairs  to the upper study room.

I entered the room with a bang and found the two young girls in a delightful mood,

particularly u r v e s h i .

she took the packets from me and kept them on the table decorated with a red table

cover and a big   bouquet of rose flowers.

The room looked crystal clear and the furniture well


“Nicely done “ I congratulated both holding them in my young arms like

‘Professor R a j u.’

we all laughed and the peals of laughter could resound for a long time.

U r v e s h i and M o h i n I had made hot soup and we started with soup and kebabs.

U r v e s h i  had worn glittering yellow K u r ta  partly   unbuttoned and black leggings . she looked radiant and full of youthful exuberance.

she pressed up as close as she could get to me and hooked her arms around my neck that astounded me.

I was amused as well , encouraged to smooch her possibly. I did smooch her and she smiled her beatific smile ,resting her beautiful face close to my bosom.

I got up and asked U r v e s h i to sing a song as


“ you R a j u sir sing first and I will dance”

“okay as you please no problem”

I sang the song from Love Marriage , the Bollywood

one — Mo o n h Se To P a s i n a   p o o n c h ye ho Gaya h a i p y a r.( Just wipe out the sweat from your face we have come to know you have fallen in love ,you

may not agree ).

U r v e s h i   danced swaying her hips to the rhythmic tune of the song.

She held my hands and made me to dance .

I politely  held hands of M o h i n i and made her to dance around to be part of the ongoing party. Surprisingly she danced beautifully. “ you are fabulous” I complimented her but I noticed a quizzical frown on the face of U r v e s h i.

“ now U r v e s h i start singing “ I said

politely drawing her close to me and gave her a peck

on her lovely cheek.

She was   charged instantly and sang the beautiful song ;

Ra j a k i a y e e g i b a r a a t — M a g a n m a i

n a c h u n g i ( The groom will come and I as bride will   sing ).

The Party  went on well and I thanked these two glamorous girls who presented me with a beautiful rose bouquet for the services I rendered in teaching to them.

I thanked both profusely and said “ I will miss you both “

“ Me too” U r v e s hi said

Just to placate her feelings   I said  firmly

“I will meet you”

“ we are friends now”

Saying so I got up to rush to home.

U r v e s h i followed me.

“ when can we meet “ she pleaded.

“ Very soon” I answered vaguely

I saw her crossing the road waving her hand softly

I took to the main road gleefully ,humming a happy tune dancing down the crowded foot path, feeling at the top of my spirits.

The road side stands were piled with H a m d a r d Juices and baskets of red apples , sweet and soft to nibble at between the teeth.

I bought one kg of apples to please my mother.

I took to side lane ascended a few steps into green patch walked the long stretch, descended again quite a number of steps on to the tarred road leading directly to my home.

“ Ah ; A great day” I exclaimed .

For a long time I did not hear from Ur v e s h i . I got a bit restless. It was nearly two months now we haven’t met or communicated.

I was not in love with her but having been closely associated for a while it was natural to be drawn into a   relationship ,just teenager’s attraction surely nothing more than that.

I walked down to M o h i n i ‘ s house and knocked at her ground floor door. The door was opened by a woman, probably mother of M o h i n i ,a tall one ,clad in yellow cotton Sari .

“Namaskar , M o h i n i” I fumbled.

“come in “ she said and I followed her into a spacious room.

“Hello R a j u sir “ she broke down

“U r v e s h i is no more “ she sobbed bitterly

“ What?” I asked loudly

“how did it happen ? tell me “

The earth quaked beneath my feet.

“ She had gone to Delhi to stay with her M a a s i— mother’s sister ,she died in an accident there a week ago.” she cried the tears running down her

cheeks uncontrollably.

I slumped into the sofa seat bewildered and shocked.

M o h in i   got up brought a glass of water for me.

I drank the water feeling quite distraught at the

unfolded tragic event.

M o h i n i   noticed my disturbed condition and opted to accompany me to my home.

she held my hand and we walked quietly on the foot path , shocked and completely broken.

M o h i n i saw me off at my gate and I waved

with a sad look.

U r v e s h i ‘s vivacious elegant poise , a blond of 16 years with flirtatious brashness

b e h a v i o u r of youth compelled me to call her my friend for

many years down the memory lane.
















































































It is desirable to be in love always


      I did gladly ascend and hop

  to the Table top

placing arms around you

we would linger on


kept fawning adoration all


the shimmering dawn

It is desirable to be in love


with you a classy girl

coquettishly flashing a smile


that stunning girlish poise

engrossing me with your perky

teenager noise.

strutting staggering swaggering


stumble down the crooked

hilly descent struggling


you close to my chest

as if to win a racing



I admire your glory glitter


from a distance of one meter.

alas I cannot roll you round

to the rhythmic Bollywood


Cannot walk holding your hand

in the park or compound

somewhere something really


Just damn the present

throwing caution to the winds

let us mingle in the intense

sensuous moments

reverently pressing your

soft contours


delve deep in the flight of

love fantasy.

THE LONG WAIT by Brij Kaul


Comes the end of long wait

ambling around the corridor

in anguish and despair

looking at the stars galore

in search of my dear

soul mate.

The morning dawns

in the midst of

chirpings of birds .

Cuckoo sings mellifluous


to upbeat my sullen mood.

what did the cuckoo sing ?

come on my dude

A silvery sude

the gift of God.

Be ebullient exeburant

she will come oh my Lord.


Comes the end of long wait.

torn apart with my soul mate


months of separation

suffering with burning hope

like the legendary

Odysseus and Penelope.

yearning for re-union


longish time slope.


Await the end of long wait

praying prancing for re-union.

with my soul mate

LOVE AGAIN by Brij Kaul

Love   again love again

Again Again

Fight with full


To drive away Corona Pain.

Everyone seething smouldering

in its agonising fury.

The preponderance of Corona

persisting relentlessly

marauding millions


enormous whimper whine.

The deserted roads, shut bazaars

men women children


behind the window panes

to be free again.

fun and frolicking in the parks

and street lanes.

Only the Potion of love

be its antidote ,

like Prince Paris eloping

with Helen of Troy,

Love again love again

Again Again

Fight with full


To drive away the Corona Pain.

The nefarious Pandemic.

moving at a lightening speed

making more and more its prey

in its engulfing sway.

Only Potion of Love be its


Love again love again

Again Again

Fight with full


To drive away

the Corona Pain.