Here she comes my lovesome love

 Frenzy frisky frolicking


dewy dove eyes

Wide and wonderous

As blue skies

 The beautiful highland lass

Trudging over the mountain pass


through the shimmering waters

Jumping barefeet over the boulders

On to the verdure so leafy green

Intersperse flowered

long stretches divinely designed.

The yellow sun gleams

Through her long tresses

on to

her glittering visage

radiantly glowing.


 Here she comes my lovesome love


Greet me into

her glistening arms.

In the tight clasp

Swaying me down the steep

thick boughs

redolent of pungent

earthy love.

Slithering her fingers into the

Crevices contours

Of my soul stirred


 with smacking lips

she entices me


ecstasy love making.








The former President Pranab Mukherjee stooped to conquer in his speech at an RSS event in Nagpur on Thursday upholding his liberal credentials , spoke about nationalism ,pluralism, and tolerance as the soul of Indian lives.

“ Multiplicity in culture ,faith and language is what makes India special. we derive our strength from tolerance” Mukherjee told the gathering at RSS in presence of the chief Mr Mohan Bhagwat .

“ the soul of India resides in pluralism and tolerance—secularism and inclusion are a matter of faith for us” He continued undauntedly “ India’s nationhood is not one religion ,one language ,one enemy .It is the perennial universalism of 1.3billion people who use more than 1,600 dialects and 122 languages in their everyday lives ,practice 7major religions –live under one system ,one flag, and one identity being Bhartiya and have no enemies”

This speech was unprecedented and a stern reminder to those who would like to divide the people on religion caste creed hatred and intolerance.

E m p h a s is i n g   that Constitution being the flowing bed for our nationalism and patriotism ,appreciation of our inherited unity in diversity , Pranab Mukherjee dwelt at length the Indian history from 6th century that covered the period from Mahajanapadas to different dynasties ,Muslim invaders , East India Company and finally British yoke.

Pranab Mukherjee Quoting from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s book The discovery of India , “Iam convinced that nationalism can only come out of the ideological fusion of Hindu, Muslim Sikh and other groups in India. That does not mean that extinction of any real culture of any group, but it does mean a common national outlook, to which other matters are subordinated.”

The RSS has been successful in showcasing itself as an organization that was not averse to invite illustrious Indian like Pranab Mukherjee, who does not essentially share its views , to its conclave.

Mr Mohan Bhagwatji ,RSS Chief in his speech espoused of diversity values and stressed upon the fact that RSS was working for the whole society ,implying it is not rigid in its policies to better the cultural and economic ethos of Indian people at large.


The invitation invited a heated debate in the corridors of the Congress Party.

Predictably the Congress leaders appealed to former President and veteran Congress leader Pranab Mukherjee to decline the invitation from an organization that stood apart from the tenants and principals of Congress Party. But Pranab Mukherjee  had different ideas to deal with the predicament he was in.

He even chose to ignore the emotional and passionate appeal from his daughter sharmistra Mukherjee .She preferred to go public rather than speaking to her father in privacy. Because being an ardent congress leader in Delhi she stood to her independent stand and did not approve of his father’s decision to accept RSS invitation.


Pranab Mukherjee was determined to go his way and did not get bogged down by the appeals of his erstwhile political colleagues.

By doing so as a former President  he has knowingly or unknowingly deviated from the convention of keeping away from the politics.

As a convention the Presidents keep away from the politics after laying off the august office.

His conviction worked and he proved all his detractors wrong.

His speech, a memorable one ,spoke of the importance of nationalism , nation, patriotism and pluralism to be proud of as guiding principles for a composite united India.

It spoke volumes of his statesmanship not as a former President or as a Citizen only but also as a staunch Congressman of long years ,thus standing true to his his words , deeds and principles of the Congress ideology.

Rss, on the other hand could console itself by seeking a stamp of legitimacy and approval of being a cultural organization working towards the welfare of Indians in the best of its interests.



Modi and Modern India.

The Prime Minister Narender Modi is at the helm of affairs for the last four years now after winning clear majority for his party BJP in 2014.

The2014 mandate was for change and People believed that Modiji could usher good days by curbing corruption and ensure good governance and benefit the people at large.

Let us examine the actual profile of rising India in last four years.

The ambitious programmes like Digital India ,Make in India ,Skill India ,start up India ,stand up India , have been started with a hope to leverage the power of technology to benefit the lives of ordinary Indians.

 But in reality except Digital India becoming a mass movement to a great extent (2.9lakh service centers up from 83000in 2014 spread over 2 lakh gram Panchayats offering several services ranging from insurance to ,land records etc) all other programmes have been a mere slogans with nobody hearing much about any change wrought in to benefit any section of population whatsoever.

The other good talking programmes are Swatch Bharat , Construction of 7.5 crore toilets across the country, 3.5 crores Ujjwala LPG gas connections and globally recognized JAM trinity ( 31 crore Jan Dhan Bank accounts ,121 crore mobile phones and 120 crore Aadhar IDs).

Although JAM trinity were started already by UPA government but NDA government is being credited with having accelerated these to transfer welfare benefits speedily and directly to the accounts of the poor.

On international level we are at loggerheads with both our arch enemies and distractors Pakistan and China.

Pakistan is stubborn to live upon permanent enemosity and China no better ,making deeper inroads into Doklama .

Although the informal summits with both Chinese President and the Russian newly President have eased the personal diplomacy but nothing beyond that.

Both are playing their cards cautiously.

Although Prime Minister Modi was given civilian accolades in Afghanistan Syria ,Saudi Arabia, but the fact remains that nothing substantial has changed in the erstwhile  policies of these nations towards India other than a goodwill gestures with lot of hugs and smiles.

Prime Minister Narender Modi is in Singapore today (29/5/18) for ensuring greater engagement with the region by participating in the Shangri La dialogue. Let us hope something concrete happens to talk about.


In four years the popularity of Prime Minister Modi has one down considerably.

The promise of a new India free from the shackles of corruption nepotism ,empowerment of men and women with dignified living standard were in reality thrown to winds and replaced with mob lynching in name of cow protection, communal tensions and victimization of Dalits .

On economic growth Modi government failed to go beyond 6.7% due to mismanagement of its economic policies .

For instance Demonetisation was bad idea and badly implemented.

The good economic reform GST being a good step was badly implemented.

In nutshell due to these badly implemented reforms there was reduction of about 2% in GDP.

The unemployment has not been addressed to and now the price rise of petrol and diesel has taken shine off its rocking mood being in office for four years.

The comparative chart should show the painful scenario.


Price in 2014                      Price in 2018


Petrol       INR 60                   INR     80


Diesel       INR 45                   INR     72


LPG         INR400                 INR     800


The oil predicament has alerted the Government to search for a solid lasting solution. Any band –aid trick won’t do .

Any reduction in excise duty would hit government’s huge excise collections of 2,79,005 crores and would directly affect the fiscal; but the million dollar question remains how long would the government resist the pressure with less than a year to go to the hustings for the general elections.

Prime Minister Narender Modi has sidelined both development and governance and lost control over his extreme elements in the party who became more voiceferous in taking center stage to proclaim the divisive politics and thus damaged Modi’s otherwise a clean image to great extent.

The duo PM Modiji and President BJP Amit shah has made winning elections ( State Assembly ,Parliament ,or Panchayat ,) the main plank of governance and all efforts are being directed towards achieving this goal by whatever means right or wrong.

Let us try to understand the actual position of BJP in 29 state assemblies .


1/ Sikkim                   BJP               Zero


2/Mizoram                BJP             Zero


3/Tamil Nadu         BJP               Zero




1/     Meghalaya         BJP               02 seats out of 60


2/   Nagaland         BJP               12 seats out of 60


3/   J&K                     BJP               25 seats out of 87


4/   Bihar                   BJP               53 seats out of 243





1/   Andhra         BJP                 04 seats out of 175


2/   Kerala             BJP                 01 seat out of 140


3/ Punjab           BJP                 03 seats out of 117.


4/ West Bengal   BJP             03 seats out of 294


5/ Telengana     BJP               05 seats out of 119


6/ Delhi             BJP                   03 seats out of 70


7/   Orissa         BJP                   10 seats out of 147.


             OUT OF 29 STATES.


     1/ Uttar Pradesh     BJP       312 seats out of 403


     2/ Haryana               BJP       47 seats out of 90


3/ Madhya Pradesh   BJP       165 seats out of 230


4/   Chhattisgarh         BJP       49 seats out of /90

5/   Rajasthan           BJP         163 seats out of 200

6/   Gujrat                   BJP       99seats out of 182

7/   Uttarakhand           BJP       56 seats out of 70

8/ Himachal Pradesh   BJP       44 seats out of 68


9/ Tripura                     BJP     35seats out of 60

10/ Aruna Chal Pradesh BJP     48seats out of 60

( in Arunachal Pradesh BJP engineered defections to emerge as majority party.)




1/ Assam               BJP     60 seats out of 126.

2/ Maharashtra       BJP     122 seats out of 288


From the above statistics it is clear that BJP has full dominance in Northern belt with significant inroads made into North East states ,but far from making any significant dent on the voters in the southern India.



The Prime Minister Narender Modi has still huge chances to come back for second term in 2019 provided he shackles off his cloak of divisive politics and stands for inclusive India irrespective of difference in religion caste creed language and work with dedication in the interest of the country. Also PM Modi should come over heavily upon his fringe elements and detractors so that a wave of trust in his leadership for equitable justice to all sections of the society is established .




In a space of 24 hours in this week a massive amount of news happened.

A hung verdict in Karnataka assembly gave no single party a clear majority and the Governor playing strictly loyalty card by inviting single largest party leader B.S. Yadruppa of BJP 104 elected legislative members to form govt ignoring the post poll alliance of Congress and JDS with clear majority of 116 elected legislative members thus setting a high stake grim battle between rampaging BJP and flailing Opposition.

The governors of late have been brazenly taking partisanship decisions and thus subverting the august office of Governor to please their political masters.

The Supreme court on the other hand rose to the moment ensuring the promise of fair resolution.

The late midnight sitting of the Supreme court of India on May 16/17 offered hopes of justice to thwart the forces of derailment of Democracy.

This has uphold the belief of a common Indian once again , as he has been looking to the apex court to ensure and uphold the Constitutionalism in the times of being imperiled in the bigotry of political power game .

This has been largely appreciated by one and all at a crucial time when the court itself of late had been vulnerable to its independence by the divisions within and outside forces .

The Apex Court  overruled the governor’s order of floor test of 15 days and ordered to floor test on Saturday 19 May 2018 at 4pm leaving little time for B.S Yeddyurappa to manoeuvre to poach MLAS opposition to its side.

Following resignation of B.S.Yeddyurappa admitting he does not have numbers ,the Congress and JDS alliance with JDS chief Kumarswamy is set to form the government in Karnataka ,thus averting the endanger to well earned democracy in India.

Rahul Gandhi by his hard honest unrelenting campaigning has been able to shatter the citadel of BJP duo PM Modi and Amit Shah and thus halt its jaggernauat finally.

He is ripening into a an honest political opponent to Mr Modi.

Slowly but steadily he has crossed the barriers to command and rejuvenate the Congress Party back to its health combining the energy and talent of youth and the experience of old stalwarts with great endeavour.

It is commendable for both Congress and JDS to hold its flock of MLAS together despite being openly enticed to monetary bribes.

Mr Modi was voted to power to accelerate the job creation and fighting corruption .

But in reality there is total disappointment on job front.

His political machinations and dirty manipulations to grab power by hook or crook , gets murkier and the latest in Karnataka has finally ruined his clean image.

BJP can argue endlessly that the Congress has historically been the doing these sordid tricks of manipulations but Modi’s charisma was to show how different he was from the old Congress.

As evident this has not happened and it is beyond doubt that he is run of the mill and much more drowned in the cesspool of grabbing power.

The list of manoeuvring endless ____   Uttarkhand ,Arunachal Pradesh ,Goa ,Manipur and now Karnataka.

The Congress being largest party in these hung assemblies ,instead of asking the largest party to form governments ,the respective governors swore in post election coalitions organized by BJP.

But in Karnataka the governor took opposite stance and in the process the opposition post alliance turned tables on BJP.

No doubt BJP,despite Yeddy –Reddy taint improved its tally from 40 to 104 largely due to anti –incumbency of the Congress ,but failed to reach the majority mark.

The future state elections will be a close fights and BJP needs to re-think on its election strategy to stay in power in general elections of 2019.

Some hard lessons for both the Congress and the BJP to be taken note in light of Karnataka assembly elections

The Congress need to reach the gross roots and engage itself in alleviating the problems of the voters and regain the trust of the people rather than depend upon the jabs and maneuvering politics.

For BJP Kanataka must be a wakening call to shun politics of grabbing power at any cost by any means and choose right path to electoral successes.















I love to roam about in the


dense and dark

beams of Sunrays


the hush and stillness

glowing the prospectus

for a


The   birds Thrush, Finch , Bulbul

Cooing lilting music

To my ears with a


I love and like

talking to the tall

pine trees

Swaying in the cool


Of the rustling leaves

lunging to recline on long


enjoying the beauty of sprawling


I love to scale mountain


Treading upon the slippery

foliage ,crimson dust

with great fervor and lust

the marvels of Nature

unbound and unknown

thrill me with delight


from the throbbing

mad crumbling


I love to embrace the scintillating


of the quivering notes of my


embedded in the chasms

of enchanting heart

radiating hope of eternal

love .


Kashmir is on the edge again and there is no hope in the horror of anger and violence ,following the stone – pelting incident on the school bus in Shopian ,leaving a child with a fracture on the skull.

The incident drew sharp reactions from parents and the authorities who questioned stone- pelting on school buses.

The chief Minister Mehbooba ,instead of showing grit to address to the problem from fresh angle to halt the menace,dismissed it as “senseless cowardly act”.

The incident has unified the mainstream parties and separators in sampling condemning the act of targeting school buses. But nothing beyond that. They did not explore possibilities of stopping the stone –peltors to target the school buses in future.

The  belligerent Kashmiri has taken resort to age old stone-pelting to combat the mighty State forces and the Indian armed forces ,least caring to get shot back with lethal pellet guns.

The Wednesday morning incident,the horrible attack on the school bus by the stone-peltors ,has provided ammunition to the those opposing the amnesty the State government provided to those against whome case have been registered for stone pelting.(approximately 4,600 individuals covered from 2008 to 2014.)

Militants struck in Shopian on Sunday killing five militants including missing Kashmir University assistant professor Dr Mohammad Rafi Bhat . Professor Rafi Bhat was missing since Friday.

The other militants were identified by the police as Bilal Ahmad Mohand ,Adil Ahmad,and Tausif Ahmad, all from south of Kashmir.

Mohd Rafi Bhat called his father on Sunday morning and said”I am sorry ,I made mistakes.Going to meet Allah” He was trapped with his four top militant Hizbul Mujhadeen commanders in Shopian.

Interestingly  we are supposed to  believed Prof Rafi had joined the militant group only  36 hours before his death in encounter.                      Source Indian Express

It is hard to believe that  Prof Rafi might have joined militancy recently keeping in mind the family background. Earlier his two cousins were militants ,one was killed in 1992 gunfight and other one in 1994 encounter near borderof POK .

Shopian has become the hub of militant operation for pretty longtime and the militants are very actively in enticing youth to join militant ranks .

The encounter has sparked widespread violent protests in Shopian and adjoining towns of Kulgam Pulwama.

Whenever there is an encounter of such a large scale ,some civilians get injured and this time too indeed a number of civilians got injured and five of them succumbed to the their injuries .The other twenty were treated immediately.

The death toll has risen to 17 in last 36 hrs leaving enough anger to keep Kashmir simmering again.

Time to Act

The Center needs finally to put on thinking cap and re address itself to resolving Kashmir impasse with broad -based dialogue.

It is for sure that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has been calling for “political intervention” time and again.

The Centre must stop the daily occurrence of violence with great determination and resort to serious dialogue in Kashmir with all relevant political forces without further delay.

The young people are getting caught in the vortex of violence and it is high time for Centre to arrest the rot, otherwise Kashmir might slip deep down back in time.




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India’s battered image , has taken a further dip following the infamous rape incidents of Kathua and Unnao .These Rape cases have hit the headlines of all National and International Papers (N.Y.Times,Gaurdian, Washington Times)

.We have ceased to be a Nation with a heart overflowing with the milk   of human kindness

We ,as nation ,gleefully indulge in unthinkable crimes against women irrespective of age and have a cheek to deny these on one pretext or other.

The perpetrators of the crimes of rape are aware that the criminal Justice system has become ineffective because of either  delayed action or  political indulgence of vested interested politicians .

In Kathua , jammu &Kashmir ,the victim reported to be 8-year old girl from Bakerwal Gujjar community was allegedly held captive in a temple and drugged, gang raped and later killed to hush up the matter. The main accused was reported to be the caretaker of the temple ,who connived with other two police officers allegedly taking hefty amount to destroy the crucial evidence.

This ghastly incident took place in January 2018.

The State Police acted promptly and the main accused surrendered in March 2018.

The Hindu Ekta Manch(led by a BJP leader) led rallies joined by two BJP ministers,to transfer the case to CBI for enquiry. The two BJP ministers were ordered to resign in April 2018.

The New York Times carried the news promptly ;

“In India, the rape and killing of an 8-year-old Muslim girl has led to protests across the country. But in the Hindu village where she was killed, people have lined up behind the accused men.

Our correspondent writes, “India remains so deeply divided along religious, ethnic and political lines that even a crime this awful instantly gets politicized, sucked into the vortex of a never-ending communal war.” Hindus demanding the investigation shift to a federal agency widely seen as a tool of the country’s governing party, which is deeply rooted in Hindu nationalism.

Scholars say it’s hard not to see the girl’s killing as part of an ominous pattern. According to a recent analysis, hate crimes have risen sharply against Muslims and lower-caste Hindus.” [New York Times]


In Unnao ,UttarPradesh , the victim was 17 -year old gang raped by a person( BJP MLA) and his accomplices way back in June 2017.

The girl and her father wrote to the Chief Minister for lodging an FIR against the MLA and his brother. After dilly- dallying over the matter for months together, the father was harassed and allegedly threatened to withdraw the case, refusing to do so he was allegedly beaten and picked up by police and sent to judicial custody on April 5 2018. Tired by the sorry state of affairs, the victim and her family made immolation attempt outside the Chief Minister’s residence .The case thus came to public limelight.

The father of the victim died in the hospital.

Under the public pressure the brother of MLA was finally arrested and the case handed over to the CBI for thorough investigation.


Today India stands as chastised,bruised country.

We are a broken nation on religious, ethnic and political lines . Disgusted and shaken we stand stupefied even to understand the gravity of the state of affairs .

The Govt at the Centre is a mute spectator and allows the muddy water to flow with no intention to arrest the rot .

The beloved Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has failed to take a moral stand and is most likely captive in the hands of his detractors.

He hardly rises to the occasion on such sensitive situations and has often failed to demonstrate his leadership acumen to challenge such incidents with firm hands.He has   not shown any grit to stand up to quell the trouble  in the present situation as well.

The Govt either has not shown firm will to bring the culprits to book ,instead allowed the situation to no return point.

The Prime Minister Mr Modi’s silence is costly for him as well as for the unity and integrity of the nation.

His vacillation and indifference to these sensitive issues clearly demonstrates his lack of leadership qualities to arrest or mend the damage done.

The Prime Minister must understand he needs take a stand even at this late stage by reprimanding the rapists with severe punishments to restore confidence in the people and Nation too.

Let me make it clear Mr Modi’s failure to gear up to situations requiring moral and ethical stand, speaks volumes of his leadership deficit.